Japanese rice brand Fufufu / Umami. Sweetness. Fragrance. A delicious taste to put a smile on your face, from Toyama.

“Fufufu” is a new variety of rice grown with passion in Toyama, Japan.

Messages behind the name of “Fufufu”

  • “Fufufu,” rice grown in Toyama that is a true product of Toyama’s water, Toyama’s land and Toyama’s people.
  • The name expresses the sense of happiness one feels after having eaten this rice.
  • It also suggests a sense of abundance and gratitude.

High-quality rice that thrives in the heat

  • Very few chalky grains contained even in the heat of summer.
  • Rice with lovely uniform grains and outstanding umami and sweetness.
  • Resistant to rice blast fungus, this variety of rice can be grown under lower amounts of pesticide
The story behind the development of Fufufu

Toyama Prefecture has pooled its resources to produce delicious, safe and reliable rice, under the slogan of “Toyama rice. A mouthful of happiness.”
Toyama rice, such as the renowned “Koshihikari,” enjoys a great reputation among many people.
“Fufufu” is a new variety of rice from Toyama that made its debut in the fall of 2018.
This delicious rice, the result of many years of research, can withstand the heat of summer without losing its quality, and is also resistant to disease.
Grown by people, delivered by people, eaten by people.
“Fufufu” is a great-tasting variety of rice that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Starting from 2003 Work begins to detect and identify high temperature-responsive genes among worldwide varieties.
Fiscal years 2012 – 2013 The following 3 characteristics were crossed in a series of stages with the “Koshihikari” variety of rice
  1. 1. Tolerant to high temperatures
  2. 2. Low plant height (does not fall down easily)
  3. 3. Resistant to rice blast fungus
Fiscal years 2014 – 2016 Choose the best line which has the 3 characteristics with the best taste from 3,000 specimens and named “Fufufu.”
Fiscal years 2017 Trial cultivation took place at 23 locations within the prefecture.
A slogan and logo design for this new rice were announced.
Fall 2018 “Fufufu” made its full debut onto the market.

Cool and clear water in abundance from the Tateyama Mountain Range.

The source of the abundant water that has supported people’s lives and agriculture in Toyama is snowmelt from the Tateyama Mountain Range, where mountains tower into the sky to an altitude of around 3,000 m. This snowmelt cascades down the steep mountain topography and flows into Toyama Bay. This is why river water in Toyama is always cool and clear, even in summer, making it the perfect temperature for use in rice fields during the hot summer months. This results in Toyama’s delicious, fully-matured rice.

Toyama’s water

Fertile land rich in nutrients.

The swift rivers which flow from the Tateyama Mountain Range often used to flood the surrounding area. However, these inundations brought with them soils rich in nutrients from marshlands and forests, creating the fertile Toyama Plain. In addition, people continue to keep the soil in Toyama in excellent condition using traditional knowledge handed down over generations, which is why this area is able to cultivate healthy rice plants that produce delicious rice.

Toyama’s land

The people of Toyama and their dedication to providing the highest quality rice.

Toyama constantly ranks as one of the top prefectures in Japan for happiness, and is said to be home to many passionate and studious people. When it comes to producing rice, too, the prefecture as a whole has been endeavoring to produce rice that can overcome hot temperatures. Today, Toyama’s rice producers continue to dedicate themselves to delivering safe and dependable rice to dinner tables.

Toyama’s people
 Secrets behind the great taste of 'Fufufu'

Point 1: Outstanding umami and sweetness

Estimated values using Taste Sensor on boiled rice / Comparison of free amino acid content when boiled

Compared with “Koshihikari” boiled rice, “Fufufu” is rich in free amino acids, providing a pronounced umami and sweetness.

Point 2: Does not harden over time

Changes in physical properties over a period of 20 hours after rice has been cooked

“Fufufu” still tastes great even when left aside for a period of time, retaining almost the same hardness and stickiness as the day it was cooked.